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Art & Artifact Shopping and Checkout Questions
How do I shop on this site?
What is Express Ordering?
How do I change quantities?
What credit cards do you accept?
Can you bill me and send my gift to a different address (gift)?
Can I include a Gift Card if my order is sent to another person?
Is Gift Wrap available?
Can I ship a single order to multiple addresses?
What are your shipping & processing rates and return policies?
Can I purchase or redeem gift certificates online?

How do I shop this site?
For your shopping convenience, we use what’s called a "shopping cart" to help you order online. This shopping cart works just the same as a real shopping cart - it collects items you want to purchase until checkout time!

Simply browse the store and when you want to purchase an item, just click "order" and that item is added to your cart. After ordering each item, you’ll be given a "view order" screen that displays your items as well as a subtotal. When you are finished shopping, click "checkout" (a link on "view order" screen) and follow the easy steps from there.

Navigation: We have tried to make our site as simple and easy-to-use as possible. The main destinations you will probably use are shown on the top and bottom menu bars. You’ll also notice that all site categories & themes are shown in the far left column of each page. These links allow you to go anywhere, from anywhere.

Shopping Style: There are two main methods of shopping: by category and by theme. You can switch between the two simply by clicking the "Shop by Category" and "Shop by Theme" links in the left-side navigation panel. Once you click one of the links, you'll be brought to the Category or Theme home page, and the appropriate links will be shown in the left panel until you click to change shopping styles. You may jump to any category or theme main page by choosing from the "Jump to:" drop-down menu always shown at the top of the page. Also, should you choose to "Shop by Clearance", the items within the Categories and Themes will be items that have marked-down clearance pricing. Only by clicking on "Current Items" will you return to the regularly priced items.

Getting Started: If you would like to browse the site, the best place to start is the Shop Menu. The Shop Menu shows all Item Categories and even allows you to shop by Theme!

Searching: If you have an idea of what you'd like, try an Item Search. If you know the item name, enter it in the "Keywords" field and enclose it in quotation marks. This finds an exact match for the item, instead of searching for the words individually (as a search not enclosed in quotes does). If you know the item number, enter it in the "Item Number" field.

Gift Finder: If you are here to look for a gift for a person or event, try starting with the Gift Finder. This allows you to select a gift type from a list of over 30 types as well as a price range you’d like to spend. We’ll return a list of items perfect for that person or occasion at just the right price!

Express Ordering:If you already know the item numbers for what you want (for example, if you have a catalog in hand), try the Express Ordering feature on our site located at the bottom of each webpage. If you have items numbers, enter them one at a time in the field. We'll return a list of your selected items, then you're on to checkout...that simple!

How do I change quantites?
When you click "order", the selected items are added to your shopping cart. If you want more than one, simply adjust the quantity on the "view order" screen (that loads directly after clicking the "order" button), and click the "update" button. If you ever want to remove an item from your cart, just enter "0" in the quantity field, then click the "update" button.

What Credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can you bill me and send my gift to a different address (gift)?
Absolutely! On the checkout form there is space for you to enter a shipping address that can be different from the billing address (your own). We give special attention to gift orders and, of course, omit price and sales slips. You might also like to know that we will include a FREE gift card using your text, upon request. Enter your desired gift message in the "Gift Message" field during checkout.

Can I include a Gift Card if my order is sent to another person?
Yes! We will include a free gift card upon request. Please let us know what you’d like us to say on the card in the "Gift Message" field of the checkout form, and we’ll include it with your gift! Gift Wrap is also available.

Giving a Gift?
Gift Boxes - For $4.00 per box, many items can be packaged in our signature sage box, logo tissue paper and grosgrain ribbon. Some oversized items may be wrapped with green Florentine paper and gold ribbon. A gift card will accompany your gifts (include message in the "Gift Message" field during checkout). On the "your order" or "checkout" screen where your items are listed, you will see a "Gift Box" column. If the item has gift-wrapping available you will see "click" written in that column. Click that link and Gift Box ($4.00) will be added as a separate item to your order, and the item you want gift boxed will be added to your "gift boxed" list.

Each time you click to gift box another item, it will be added to your "gift boxed" list. If you'd like to see a complete list of your gift boxed items, click the "view items" link where it says "Gift Box" in your order. A pop-up window will appear listing your gift-boxed items.

To remove the gift box from your order, simply click the "delete" link that appears in the "Gift Box" column. If you make a mistake or the quantity of the Gift Box does not match the number of items you've selected to be wrapped, then click "delete" and re-wrap your items.

Unfortunately we cannot gift package some large, heavy, unusually shaped products, or those items shipped directly from our vendors. "Gift wrap not available" is noted on the item's information page, and signified by an "n/a" in its "Gift Box" column on the order screens. If you have any questions concerning gift packaging, please call our Customer Service Department, 1-800-950-9540, or e-mail us.

Can I ship a single order to multiple addresses?
Unfortunately, at this time our site does not support multiple ship-to addresses. However, we are working towards a solution. Please enter an order for each ship-to address.

Can I purchase or redeem gift certificates online?
Please go to our search box and enter GC9999 to order a Gift Certificate. They are available in denominations of $10 or more. Please specify gift message and the gift recipient's name and address.

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