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Account Trouble?
We are sorry you are having trouble logging in to your account. Please review this short FAQ to help solve your problem. If you continue to have trouble, please contact us.

I've ordered from you before, why can't I log in?

Unfortunately, having ordered offline does not automatically give you an account on our site. But setting one up is easy! Simply follow the instructions at checkout. You will have to fill in all of your information for this order, but on subsequent orders you can log in using the "Existing Account" section and your information will be recalled.

I set up an account previously, but I can't remember my password.

No problem! Just click here to have your password e-mailed to you. You will go to a screen that asks you to enter your e-mail address, and once you click "submit" you will be e-mailed a new password. If you would like to set your own password so that it will be more memorable (recommended), then follow the instructions in the e-mail you receive to set your own password. Once you are done with this, simply return to the site to the login screen. The site will have remembered your order.

My e-mail address has changed, what do I do?

Click here to update your e-mail address.

When I try to enter my e-mail address, it tells me "Account does not exist"

There could be a number of reasons for this. The account system is case-sensitive, so be sure you are entering your e-mail address and password just as you typed them when you created your account. Also, be sure your Caps Lock is not on.

Sometimes e-mail addresses can have slightly different domains, for example "user@email.msn.com" and "user@msn.com" are actually the same e-mail address, but one will not match the other on our account system. Be sure you're using the same e-mail domain you signed up with.

If you are an AOL user, be sure to check that you are adding "@aol.com" to your screen name.

Finally, be sure you're adding the correct extension on to your e-mail domain name, for example ".com", ".net" or ".org". If none of these suggestions help, please contact us and we can look up your account.

I keep getting "The password you supplied is incorrect" when it is the same password I used to sign up with!

Remember, the account system is case sensitive. You have to type in your e-mail address and password exactly as you entered it when you created the account. You may want to check the original e-mail we sent you containing this information (if you saved it). Also, be sure to check your Caps Lock is not on.

For security reasons, you are the only person who ever knows your password, we cannot access that information. If all else fails, follow the "forgot password" link to receive a replacement password.

Can I just bypass this and get on with my order?

Yes, you can. You will need to key in all your information. Just click the "continue" button where it says "Click [continue] to move on to the next screen."

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